About InnSitu

in situ (Latin for »in position«)

The first theme of the new series "INN SITU – Photography, Music, Dialogue" at Innsbruck's BTV-Stadtforum marks the start of artistic engagement with the region. The interpretations of the region's landscapes, its people, its places and the realities of everyday life by international photo artists are combined to create an exhibition that serves as a reflection of these encounters. An intertwining of outside perspectives and internal viewpoints. Photography as a strategy, a way to observe oneself through the eyes of another person.

In parallel to this, we will be inviting musicians from Tyrol and Vorarlberg to each put on a concert that responds to and resonates with the photographic works on an artistic level.

A series of dialogues with experts from the fields of science/research and everyday culture will round off this triad of dramatic composition.

All exhibitions and concerts set to take place under the INN SITU banner in future will feature works developed especially for BTV-Stadtforum in the months prior to the exhibition.



INN SITU-Publikation

Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog in deutscher und englischer Sprache, herausgegeben von Hans-Joachim Gögl. Die sorgfältige Dokumentation der eigens für die reihe entwickelten Arbeiten ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Programms.