Christof Dienz
Mountainworks. Concert

Christof Dienz </br>Mountainworks. Concert

INN SITU – Music and Photography in Dialogue

For the INN SITU series, twice a year we invite well-known international photographers to the region to develop a new exhibition that reflects their encounters with Tyrol and Vorarlberg. At the same time, for each exhibition we invite selected musicians and composers from Tyrol or Vorarlberg to stage a new concert to accompany and complement the artists’ exhibition.

Christof Dienz - Mountainworks. Das Konzert. Redaktion, Kamera, Schnitt: Thomas Osl, STUMMLAUT Tonstudio.

For the current exhibition, a concert format which resonates with Melanie Manchot’s work was created by one of the region’s best-known international musicians, Tyrolean composer Christof Dienz. Dienz’s compositions occupy terrain on the boundaries between classical and contemporary music and also incorporate improvisation and elements of traditional alpine music. For INN SITU he has assembled an outstanding ensemble.

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Christof Dienz on his work for INN SITU:

“The starting point for this concert installation is the work which people do in the mountains, and the resulting interplay between nature and technology, captured in short videos and video loops by photographer Melanie Manchot. I have attempted to musically interweave naturally played acoustic instruments with electronic music, which manipulates the analogue sounds and carries them forwards into the digital realm. The music responds to the projections and light plays an important role. In the same way that in the mountains ski areas influence nature and the landscape, the interaction between the musicians and the technology is perceptible in the music.”

Christof Dienz –
Composition, Bassoon, Zither
Christof Dienz (en)

Ivana Pristasova,
Ivana Pristasova (en)

Walter Seebacher,
Walter Seebacher (en)

Alexandra Dienz,
Double Bass                         
Alexandra Dienz (en)

Florian Bogner,
Sound Design
Florian Bogner (en)

Mathilde Hoursiangou,
Mathilde Hoursiangou (en)

All image rights are with the represented or the photographer: Melanie Manchot, Lukas Beck, Markus Brucker, Iris Krug, Christoph Walder, Helmut K. Lackner, Thomas Osl, Wolfgang Lackner.